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Debt and Equity Funding

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PTX Brazil - EnergyWe work with companies and banks to fill gaps in fundraising and business development in Brazil and in Latin America in our areas of expertise. PTX Brazil is an expert in structuring and raising foreign medium to-long-term capital debt or equity for medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are already established or intend to establish business in Brazil.

We work in such a way that we become an extension of the client’s team, allowing the client to focus on its core business.


PTX Brazil - Industry

Partnering with Delphos International (just click) which has arranged more than $10 billion in loans, loan guarantees, equity, and political risk insurance ensures our clients that its needs will be fulfilled.

In addition to raising foreign capital, we often extend our support by offering hedging instruments to help minimize investors exposure to different currencies and interest rates and business development in Brazil.


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